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orphanage school children from nepal
educatenepal-logo, social initiative, is a Non Profit portal with education related projects, humanitarian organization's listings, charities listings, charity resources and news. The website provides you with information about the various welfare organizations and charities and also provides you with multiple means to help and be involved.
The aim of is to disseminate the information about every kind of humanitarian initiaitves and efforts, be it small or big, utilizing the latest online technology accessible.
Nepal's development challenges remain great. About 70% of Nepal's population still lives in rural areas with agriculture as main occupation in a rugged topography and with unfertile system of productivity. Mass poverty has hard hit the country. The country has a quarter of its population living below the poverty line. Problems of hand to mouth existence are common; leaving alone the things like EDUCATION, health, security, employment and entertainment. The gap between the poor and the rich is increasing as never before.
The concept of stems out from this scenario. The organization understands that just how difficult it is to have good education, health facilities, proper care and security in a country ranked amongst the 10 poorest nations in the world. Realizing this fact we have made an effort to pool every small and big projects being carried out for the welfare and common good of poor, needy, marginalized and vulnerable groups of population. We talk these projects to the mass through various online technologies especially web and social networking tools, and help these projects encounter more and more helping hands. as our name itself speaks, believes in providing education for all. Education is the cure for every kind of social, psychological, economical and political problems in the society. An educated manpower is the nation's greatest asset. So, we take education for children as one of the most crucial needs along with food, shelter, health and security. We, thus, list and feature various kinds of organizations, clubs, NGOs and CBOs working mainly in the education cum allied sectors - formal or informal.