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The home for girls - "Step International Girls Home" - in Kathmandu, Nepal, is the result of a long time friendship between a Nepali family and a Swedish family. The main intention of an organization is not only to provide a shelter, but also - and even more important - to provide a secure place which gives solace. The aim of an organization is to attain this with competent and loving care takers and the goal of Step International Girls Home to give girls an opportunity to live in a homely atmosphere with lots of love and laughter.

Since the beginning of December 2008, Step International Girls Home is open. The first two girls moved in at the time of the opening and today there are nine girls living at this home for girls; Srijana, Samjhana, Mina, Rista, Yuta, Smitri, Kabita, Kalpana and Guddu. They strongly believe that education is very important and all the girls go to Shova Bhagawati English School in Kathmandu. Providing the girls with a good education, gives them the most important tool for a better and independent future; not only for the girls themselves, but also for their future families.
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Disabled Newlife Centre, Nepali Charity in Kathmandu, working with physically challenged children (DNC) was established in 1998 with the purpose of providing support to the physically challenged children in Nepal. The objective is to give these children who requried special attention in the growing years with the required care, medication in the form of corrective surgery and support in the form of education and accomodation.The main goal of the organization is to help physically disabled children to be integrated into society by providing medical treatment, rehablitation, education and vocational training.

Traditionally in Nepal, disability is considered a curse of God and there is widespread belief that disability is linked to "bad karma". Few believe that disabled people can be equally functional and can become productive members of society. As a result, children with disabilities often have low esteem. And may suffer discrimination.

DNC has 9 board members and 4 permanent staff to care for 30 residence children who are either orphans or who's family are unable to care for them. The centre has also given medical help to a futher 65 children.

Contact Address
Disabled NewLife Center
House Number: 713/30
New Baneshwor Heights, Puja Pratisthan Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
PO BOX NO. 21573
Office phone: 014470388 (Housemother, Shanti)
Mobile phone: 09841552002 (Administrator, Anjan)
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